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Accessible. Forward-thinking. Consensus-builder.

Dear friends and neighbors,

The reason I'm running for Apple Valley City Council ultimately boils down to this: I love Apple Valley and the people that make our community what it is. I have dedicated my career to public service, working with local, state, and federal officials to develop or administer public policies in a number of areas, and I believe that I can bring this experience to City Hall to help serve our community. 


I currently serve the State of Minnesota as the Director of the Governor's Workforce Development Board, where I get to work with leaders from businesses, labor unions, state agencies, local workforce development boards, higher education, community-based organizations, and others to promote policy alignment, cross-sector partnerships, and better community outreach and engagement for Minnesota's public workforce development system. I firmly believe that the key to battling inequities in our community (and country) is to make it easier for all Minnesotans to get on the right career pathway that leads to a family-sustaining income and necessary benefits, and I'm so fortunate to be able to work towards these goals in my current role. Prior to this role I served on the Government Relations team at the Association of Minnesota Counties and as staff for the Minnesota Association of Workforce Boards.


Elected officials need to always be accountable to the people who they represent, and part of that is being seen and visible in the community. We're two decades into the 21st century, if local elected officials are not willing to utilize modern technology to make it easier for more residents to engage with them directly on the issues that matter then they aren't truly working for all of us. We should be embracing technology to better serve people, not avoiding it altogether. 


One thing that I have learned from my time working in public service is that no good policy or law is ever created when you create those policies FOR people. Good policies are created WITH people, and you do this by building consensus and committing yourself to community engagement and outreach so that different perspectives are considered throughout the process. I am committed to a consensus-building approach and would take this to the council if elected.


The people and neighborhoods of our city are more than just line items on a budget or different revenue streams for the city. We need proactive leadership that will empower the voices of residents to build a more accessible, responsive City Council. I would be honored to earn your support and your vote in this election so that together we can make this happen.


Thank you,

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